You killed Brain! You bastard!

Hello everyone!

Oh boy was this a busy number of weeks!! I’ll just keep it short for now. My boss got married and went on his honeymoon for several weeks. He left me in charge of his job while he was out and boy was it crazy!!! I had not been this tired since back when my working schedule had me over 12 hours at the office. But finally i am back to my normal schedule. ^^

On other news, i am back at making editorial animations for the finantial section and the international section of the newspaper. But this time we are actually showcasing them on the youtube channel! That is a pretty big thing for me! I just wish i had more freedom and the ability to actually animate my own work since, to be honest, editorial animation is a bit too simplistic to what we all are used to. ^^

Take care guys!

Version 5.0 & Patreon!

The Eye has been upgraded to the lastest version 5.0 Katbox theme. If you notice any bugs please report them using the contact form on the nav menu, or by dropping us a line on the forums!

In other very important news. I have also opened a Patreon account for The Eye of Ramalach: http://www.patreon.com/Avencri

The account is set  based on my comic updates, not on a monthly basis. So the whole funding will only be received after i post an update of The Eye of Ramalach. Which is now set up to be a bi monthly comic. This basically means that The Eye will be posted every two weeks from now on.

As you can see, the new updates of Tina of the South have been set up as a milestone within the site. So the donation button for new pages will be gone from Katbox and new updates of Tina of the South will be achieved via Patreon.

The Tina of the South milestone is divided into two pieces. A $75 milestone that will pay for 2 updates of Tina of the South per month, and a $125 goal which will allow me to post every week. My plan is to have Tina of the South and The Eye of Ramalach alternate when at the $75 goal.