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After The Grand Opening

After The Grand Opening published on
Hello everyone! Been having a lot to think about the past few days and i am a bit stressing over it. My insomnia came back with a vengeance but i really hope i can put an end to this issue soon. I realized there was a comic convention this weekend here in Monterrey, i don’t think i will be attending though.  I feel a bit alienated for some reason i don’t really understand to be honest. Gonna be house sitting in two weeks, making big plans on what to keep myself busy with those days. The monster girl challenge has been really fun so far this month, improvising a character design each day has been very interesting and i have had my highs and lows with the results in my opinion. Next year i might actually try inktober with real media… i suck since my normal pulse will make me mess up badly but i feel encouraged to actually give it a try. Take care you all!