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Blabbermouth published on
Well, these have been quite the past few weeks. So i went on Easter vacations to visit my family and used that whole week to rest. I was supposed to go back home the sunday of resurrection and get back to my usual schedule. We woke up that day to the news that my grandmother had passed away in her sleep. Her heart gave up and she didn’t suffer at all. In fact her body looked like she was just sleeping. She was a rough woman, 91 years old, very opinionated and… i can say agressive. I honestly don’t have good memories from her since i was always chastized for anything i even tried to do and stuff i wasn’t even going to do at all. Over the years she began suffering from dementia which caused a lot of issues. As making enemies from year long friends over paranoia of being robbed, hiring new people that would steal from her and misshandle her. She would also refuse help from my mother and my aunt since she prefered to stay alone at her place. It is weird because i know i should be sad, but me and my whole family felt more of a relief. She was not an evil person, but a very diffucult one. Makes me worry about pushing people away from you and dying alone. Anyways, she died during vacations which turned all the legal paperwork for her funeral, incineration and inheritance a mess since nobody was working. Things are fine now, we are still shocked though. And then this wednesday i crashed my car, this is the first vehicular accident i have ever been involved in which was a big shock. Luckily none of the parties were harmed (minus a big pain on my neck due to whiplash), the insurance will take care of the damages on the other car and part of mine. Still i feel like i made a failure in my life because of this. I haven’t been in the best state of mind to be honest, that also explains why it took me longer than usual to post the first update of the month. Stay safe everyone. Don’t push your relative and friends away.