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Donkey, Please!

Donkey, Please! published on
Hello everyone!
It seems that each passing years seems to last less and less than the previous ones… this is a bit worrying. Anyways, i did my Christmas shopping a week ago so i should be fine for now. I also managed to get me a Nintendo Switch with the savings from the extra commissions i did. I am still trying to get a sale on the 27 inch Cintiq that i have been saving all year long for from commissions.
Speaking of drawing, i am almost done with the full queue of Patreon requests that were stacked. So it does seem that i will be able to clear my whole queue by the time december starts. I want to thank all my Patrons for their patience.
Other than that… i don’t think i got much to say.
Just been practicing my coloring a lot lately. I still got a long way to improve!
Best of luck everyone! =D