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Dozens of Wee Babies

Dozens of Wee Babies published on
Hello everyone! New page here! Well, it seems that i lost my fear of writting Jane wrong from what i had her in my head for years now and i seem to be doing a decent job at it. Also… i am not sure i will be able to post two pages of The Eye this month… june is almost ending but i guess i can get page 154 by tuesday if work hard. I won’t count with the weekend days though, this saturday is my 31th birthday and family is coming over and on sunday i am having several friends home to visit. On other news, last weekend i went to Real de Catorce for a quick trip. It has been long since i traveler anywhere ever since i finished college so it was a nice change of pace. The place is really interesting if a bit small, you could see most of it with just 6 hours. But i got a lot of great ideas for certain location in future pages of Tina of the South thanks to the trip. Thanks for reading guys! It means the world to me!