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Drunkies published on
Well, first post of the year 2018.
Last year i spend 6 months on treatment for my back, was trying to get my lumbar nerve into a more healthy state so that the doctor would finally be able to check my back and tell me if i need surgery or just to push my discs into place. But out of nowhere in december i heard and felt a snap on my back (i was not lifting nor pushing anything at the moment) and a sharp pain left me unable to move or twist properly. I spent almost two weeks on bed being not able to do much.
Due to that i was not able to work on anything and i was also unable to work on the comic pages for the month. Ever since i left the newspaper, this is the first time i have missed my updates. In two or 3 years i guess? I feel bad.
At least i am back to posting now. Thanks for reading everyone!