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Escape Goat

Escape Goat published on No Comments on Escape Goat

Hello everyone!!

New page is up and we get to see a very angry raccoon on it. XD

Anyways… as far as annoucnements go i will post the new page of Tina of the South during this week. As i said before, chapter 1 will be on my tab and i they will be around 10 or so pages until it ends. The donations i recieve for the comic will be moved for chapter two which means i will have to make a new banner to explain the whole process to the readers. I will say for now that the first pages of chapter 2 are now secured.

As for other news, all katbox comics had a visual makeover of their designs. I would suggest  you all to give it a look to each comic. We would also appreciate any report of bugs or errors you might find while navigating. But before doing the bug hunting if you want to help i would recomend clearing the cache first.

Thanks a lot readers. Your visits mean a lot to us all.

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