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From Liar To Liar

From Liar To Liar published on No Comments on From Liar To Liar

Hello everyone!


Well, this is going to be an interesting week, i am at my folk’s housitting while they go to a trip south of the country related to Lion’s Club International. This means i got free good and total privacy… beside being annoyed by the 13 year old family chihuahua that just HAS to be on top of you all the time. XD

Due to this i didn’t have as much time as i thought to finish the page on the date i planed first. And because i am out of my place i had to work on the comic a bit deprived of my usual resources while traveling. This resulted on me eating a panel on this page. I didn’t realize i did that until i was shading… so i had to set the dialogue on other two panels. It is a bit wonky but it i something that can happen at times. Life lesson i guess?

Anyways, this is all for now, thanks for reading everyone!

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