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Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 published on 17 Comments on Halloween 2012
Hello everyone. This is just this year’s Halloween special which i hope you all enjoy. As for The Eye. I got the page finished since the last weekend but since we had the Halloween special in the middle of the week i decided to post the update this following sunday while i work on the following page. PAGE 1: Las Lindas PAGE 2: Caribbean Blue PAGE 3: The Eye of Ramalach PAGE 4: Yosh! PAGE 5: Draconia Chronicles PAGE 6: Anthronauts PAGE 7: Rascals
  • NIloc

    I realy liked how you did Reiko in this pic

  • Bucc_i

    I think that they should all sit down and settle this with a WWE Bra & Panties wrestling match!
    I nominate myself as guest referee! Now where did that baby oil go to…

  • Bucc_i

    I just realized something. Is Mihari’s breast a Bag of Holding? (in more ways than one!)

    • Fluff-Kevlar

      Yes, but any other hands in there are going to get cut off!

  • Tk

    I agree, i like your rendition of Reiko.

  • TV

    Deus ex Bosom, if I may say so.

  • Kor3986

    And now the incredibly handy boob bag can be yours for 3 low payments of only 9.99
    act now and and we’ll also throw in the cat ears of cuteness for free!

    • It’s a lovely gateway to hammerspace.

  • william

    another sudden plot twist, nice. also, clever place to hide a will. and lastly, why isn’t mayte in this story, she made a very nice addition to the halloween comics last year.

  • GespenstKAF

    Victoria’s Secret Compartment FTW.

  • anon

    Lover the way rexly’s drawn in this page.

  • Nick

    wooot! The eye is back in business baby!

  • meh

    I’m sorry I’mn bad at keeping track of characters… what just happened?

  • Johnneh

    as my friend would say:

  • Chiar98088

    The mail through the boobs???!!! how did you come up with that????/

  • MazenIIXIS

    Are anyone able to see this comic strip? I am unable to see anything here.

  • Archie

    I know I’m like four years too late to the party, but the absence of comic pages beggining on this one makes reading impossible. Can something be done about that?