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Illegal Alien

Illegal Alien published on 34 Comments on Illegal Alien
Well what can i say. I was having serious problems with this particular script. Did like 8 different versions of it because i didn’t like any. I was wanting to handle way too many things with little to no space in a page. I ended up having a blockage. Then a friend offered to help me with it… but after days of not saying a thing i gave up on him and tried to do it on my own. I honestly had a lot of trouble with this one and i ended up asking for help from a great friend of mine. Funny thing… she fixed the whole thing in less than an hour. I honestly feel ashamed of having so much trouble with nothing. After seeing how she fixed the script with little to no issues i realized that i was trying to be too ambitious and ate more that i could actually chew. I really hope i never forget this lesson. Special thanks to Mihari for being so helpful. <3
  • Fluff-Kevlar

    Pear thumbprint!

    Awesome page, both of you!

    • Avencri

      Haha… i had not realized i drew a pear. It is funny in a weird way! XD

    • Glenn Sellers

      You forgot the claw print. LOL.

  • iVeritas

    Mihari is really special isn’t she?

    On topic, welcome back! I’m glad to see another page to read. However, I think I need to reread your comic, since I’ve forgotten a few to many parts.

  • Sabreur

    Leelo Dallas Multipass.

    • Avencri

      I see you got it. XD

      • CyberDeinonychus

        I love that movie!^

        Though it’s Illu. .3.

        • Draffle

          Ithink most of us that have seen that movie thinks about it when we hear the word multipass. but i can’t for the life of me remember the name of it XD

          • Barrage

            Thats the fifth element for you. and yeah i knew it from somewhere but couldnt place it until i saw these comments

  • really? she’s to cute to be the loch ness monster.

    • Avencri

      Is the Loch Ness monster ugly? ;_;

      • fair point

      • meh

        i dated the lochness monster once, it was… interesting

        • Avencri

          I am interested in hearing that story. XD

  • NixieSeal

    Her expression on that card is too cute. XD

    • Avencri

      Thanks Nixie. ^^

  • william

    alex has herself a new lil’ pet goin back into the city, a pet that needs an id card. nice touch naming her after the beast of loch ness.

  • MrAMP

    Nicely done!

    Also, just out of curiosity, the thumb print that looks like a thumb, is the upper portion part of her claw?

    • Avencri

      Supposedly. ^^U

      • MrAMP

        Also, forgot to mention this, but dang she has a huge problem with the red eyes XD

  • Dudeler

    What’s funny about this with me is that her birth date is 3 years after I was born. Though I’m pretty sure that’s not her actual age, her birthday will be easy to remember. XD

    • Avencri

      HAha, Mayte is over 200 years old so that date is pretty much fake. XD

  • CyberSkull

    Hah! Multipass! Now punch through a glass wall to get it!

  • meh

    good to see you back up

  • John Gahris

    I love “Nessie’s” picture on the pass!

  • Mitdog

    dam shes young didn’t realize that shes the same age as me

    • Avencri

      Actually she is over 200 years old. This is just a hastily made fake ID. XD

  • Belokk

    Its furry Quagmire 8D giggitygiggitygoo

    • Avencri

      Haha, i can’t unsee now. XD

  • ThatOneGuy

    Not that shit again…-Flash back of The Fifth Element-

    • razorburn645

      Heh, multipass jokes everywhere! Does this mean she’s going to have a fight scene set to rock opera?

  • Pillbug


    • Avencri

      Typo that is supposed to show how bad of a fake ID that is. Now i explained the joke… ;_;

  • crazymannequin

    Love the fifth element reference