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Illegal Alien

Illegal Alien published on
Well what can i say. I was having serious problems with this particular script. Did like 8 different versions of it because i didn’t like any. I was wanting to handle way too many things with little to no space in a page. I ended up having a blockage. Then a friend offered to help me with it… but after days of not saying a thing i gave up on him and tried to do it on my own. I honestly had a lot of trouble with this one and i ended up asking for help from a great friend of mine. Funny thing… she fixed the whole thing in less than an hour. I honestly feel ashamed of having so much trouble with nothing. After seeing how she fixed the script with little to no issues i realized that i was trying to be too ambitious and ate more that i could actually chew. I really hope i never forget this lesson. Special thanks to Mihari for being so helpful. <3