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Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box published on 57 Comments on Jack In The Box
And at long last i got to show Ramalach! Ramalach the deceiver! Ramalach the moon bender! Ramalach the lunatic! Ramalach, he who haggles! Ramalach… who is now reduced to a boil in Ron’s forehead… yeah… that is not nice for a deivon overlord. Ron and Ben ain’t too thrilled about their new discovery. The girls are having a nice time it seems. Now i got to draw Ron, Ben and Ramalach taking a bubble bath in the same tub. Ron is there being useless as always while Ramalach sensually scrubs his long golden hair with the pink shampoo that smells like cranberries… with his long thin fingers. Ben is just there thinking “Why the hell am i taking a bath with these two?”. Yeah… sounds about right. Of course the last panel is nothing without the proper melody:
  • Ferel

    That is the saddest looking forehead-eye-boil I’ve ever seen.

    • Avencri

      Have you seen other before? O_o

      • meh

        too many times to count…

  • nightarix

    … why is there a knife in his back?

    • Avencri

      I will get into that.

      • Dragoon349

        Representation of a backstabbing done by his “allies” when he was about to complete his rampage of destruction and one probably used a knife to seal away the dark magics that he has and make him semi mortal yet trapped in a limbo like state and I have no clue what I am talking about. By he way awesome panel now people will be asking why the devion lord is staying an Ron’s forehead

        • Avencri

          Holy….props to you. O_o

          • Mr. E

            Let me guess, he either read your mind or he figured it out on his own.

          • Dragoon349

            Take the evil rampage stopped by a mortal, the creatures like ramalach that are going to eat him and the fact that he doesn’t even have enough power to live as a separate entity yet has managed to stay alive for years after a defeats like that and hasn’t killed himself, and you have a reasonable explain action for the knife, it was placed by the backstabbers who made ramalach week enough to be defeated and sealed him away in a state where he must have a host to live but cannot kill himself or else he would have killed himself instead of getting drunk.

          • Dragoon349

            Thank a you. I have been trying for two years to write my own story so symbols like his are easy to think o reasons for. Now if only I could get pat the first chapter and stop coming up with over 137 beginnings

  • Gerzel

    Nekkid ferret. Love Alex.

    • Avencri

      I wasn’t sure if i drew her in a towel, or a tank top/shorts combo. Ended up with both like that.

      • Jerohan

        Praise all the drowned god, the fire god, the old gods and the new gods you drew her like this… o.o

  • nothingatall

    Lolipop, Love that song 🙂

    • Avencri

      Imagining the song in the background made me smile. XD

  • mastergodai

    Wee Mo! XD

    • Avencri

      She shall become a master in changing channels. XD

      • Dragoon349

        Yeah one rule when there is a good song, don’t.

  • Zarylo

    Avencri, I love you.
    Wait, I mean I love your comic!

  • meh

    im not sure what i like more, thpart where Ramalach comes out of his head and grabs a drink, or where Alex is giving Mayte a bath lol

    • Dragoon349

      The bath only I hate the bubbles they stick to everything 😉

      • meh

        lol- i think what I like most is how Alex thinks that the guysare having that much fun lol

  • Braincrush

    Foget a double they’re gonna need a keg just to forget the disturbing scene they just saw

  • DarkMyste

    oh no it took his beer… not good , not good at all

    • Limbo

      ha imagine
      thats going STRAIGHT to Rons head

      • Yageira

        So is Rons twitch the result of ramalach comming squirming out of his head or the beer going straight to it?

        • Limbo

          Can it be both?

  • Mr. Al

    be able to fly in a dozen years? Don’t show this guy nasa, or he’ll have a REAL mental breakdown

  • Professor Fate

    Awwww … Weemo?! … Alex and Mayte … BFF’s … The two of them out on the town in Neon City will be something to see … just as long as Mayte keeps her clothes on. Heh!

  • alpha-three-six

    Got a knife in his back, now all he needs is an arrow in the knee and a stolen sweetroll.

    • Dragoon349

      Don’t forget smelling like a dog and Having dragon attack him. And an army of guards going wait I know you

  • Nova

    For what ever reason, I started imagining Mayte with Susan Strong’s voice.
    On a side note, is Ramalach able to detach himself completely or is it just that far?

    • Avencri

      Nope, he is stuck to Ron.

  • DLowell

    Buy some apples! Buy some apples!

    Look at how fast I can spin!

    *sigh* I know you are taking spin classes but the spinning cutiemark has already gone to our local beyblade champion. FiW, couldn’t help it. XD

  • Kajex

    I love Ben’s expression. It’s the very look of a repeating “NOPENOPENOPENOPE” or “DO NOT WANT” expression. :3

  • Jack Blackstone

    Sorry, but i dislike that squirrel rodent girl thing. She is obnoxious and controlling. Why does she get the dragon? Why would she want one? She does not seem like she would be a good guardian and she did not do anything during the adventure. Why not give the dragon to the owl and bat? They could learn so much.

    • she’s a carefree and highly energetic kind of girl, and often the best kind of characters to learn from if you’re an uptight and highly serious person. (i watch a lot of japanese shows and that sort of thing tends to happen)

      btw she’s a ferret, squirrels have a light brown shade of fur and a bigger and bushier tail.

    • Wolf Cheng

      You’re a fan of SD and you think that Alex is annoying? Wonderful judge of character my friend.

  • that must be painful…

  • Drakara

    Okay, then, Ramalach was first just an eye in Ron’s forehead now sprung out. Now, he has just risen up on my really creepy list.

  • Krasudreal Eranor Ksarth

    … A remote control?
    That isn’t safe close to water, can it be?
    Btw, I love all the expressions on the pannel where Ramalach grabs the beer… I was a little startled as well by the situation XD
    I wonder what will he think of our beer…

  • Katboxer12

    Aww so cute… Not with Ronald o_o… lol

    Hey anyone know when this uploads? It would be nice to know,

    Thanks ^_^

  • MechaAshura20

    Well there’s something you don’t see everyday.

  • CinnamonSalve

    What’s more problematic than a talking eyeball is one that’s drunk…

  • william

    we finally get to see ramalach in all his freaky glory. and on a side note, bath time with mayte, yay.

  • Theunnormalguy

    I don’t think i’ve ever wanted to be a bathtub before….
    This comic is just getting better and better. XD

  • CalvinCopyright

    So when are updates? This is actually rather good.

  • Foxyjosh

    I probibly shouldn’t mention this but, I accidentally imagined Ramalach with Richard Godfried’s voice. Now I can’t get it out of my head.

  • DarkMyste

    someone send out the search party for avencri, we need update for the comic cant wait to see what happens

    • meh

      ill get my contacts looking O.o

  • Shadowkey392

    You’re right! “Lollipop” does set the mood for that last panel pretty nicely! P.S. I can’t help nut wonder why Ramalach seems to have a knife in his back.

  • Kitchi

    Conveniently placed bubble is convenient. -_-

  • DarkMyste

    ladies and gentle germs, i am afraid we haven’t found avencri, to much of are dismay we cant even find that he existed during tis time period, so i think that are artist was a time traveler and had to go back to his own time..{ i kid} we will keep you informed if we find his TARDIS, maybe we can save him from whatever caused him to leave us hehe

    • Fussed

      Have we tried the email button yet?

      • DarkMyste

        yes, no response from him

  • Shadowkey392

    You’re right, the song does improve the last panel.

  • Misturdiepdiep

    He promised us more frequent updates…