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Language Barrier

Language Barrier published on
Oh boy! I had this page planned for a very long time now and i am happy to finally being able to do this one!
I just want to thank those that helped me with the french translations, mainly Cervelet and Windridershiva! This time the french should be grammaticaly correct so that it shows that these gals are multilingual, unlike Pierre’s whose french was dodgy.
Also… i am sad that the font i use does not have characters specific for spanish or french. I have to manually patch the specifics, so i apologize in advance if i missed or messed up something on the dialogue to make it correct.
Thanks for reading, i will now proceed to plan ahead to do something nice for my birthday next month. I haven’t done a BBQ with my friends in a while! I REALLY want to do something this year. XD
Anyways, i had a lot of fun working on this page!