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Language Barrier

Language Barrier published on 36 Comments on Language Barrier
Oh boy! I had this page planned for a very long time now and i am happy to finally being able to do this one!
I just want to thank those that helped me with the french translations, mainly Cervelet and Windridershiva! This time the french should be grammaticaly correct so that it shows that these gals are multilingual, unlike Pierre’s whose french was dodgy.
Also… i am sad that the font i use does not have characters specific for spanish or french. I have to manually patch the specifics, so i apologize in advance if i missed or messed up something on the dialogue to make it correct.
Thanks for reading, i will now proceed to plan ahead to do something nice for my birthday next month. I haven’t done a BBQ with my friends in a while! I REALLY want to do something this year. XD
Anyways, i had a lot of fun working on this page!
  • Chuck

    I get that they argued and made up but can we get an English version please?

  • Jack Mcslay

    This would have been awkward if it turned out ron spoke fronch

    • Avencri

      Oh my god, i should do an edit for that. XD

      • Foxyjosh

        Or if Ramalach knows all languages and translated for Ron

        • Thomas Lacroix

          I’d think Ramalach would let it go. He wouldn’t want to give Ron more ammunition to sink the relationship early. If Ram needed to convince Ron to get away from her for any reason though, it’s safe to bet he’d use this episode to paint her as manipulative.

      • DarkMyste

        Please English edited I want to know what they said

        • neksuscat .

          Look below, there’s translation. :p

          • Clovermandefleur


      • asebw

        Next page, as he is leaving the apartment.

      • Thor

        All he’d have to say is “Vraiment?” and she’d realize (or guess) that she was totally busted.

        “vraiment” = “really” or “truly”

      • Shadowkey392

        Yes! Yes you should! 😀

    • Greyman

      If he doesn’t, he’s still got to suspect something after that impromptu segue unless he’s… well… Ron.

  • MrAMP

    Okay, my French is a little rusty, but I’ll give this a try.

    Panel #2:
    Do you mind if I say that I prepared this meal. I want to impress him.


    Panel #3
    I work hard to prove my reputation as a chef. And my reputation is based on word of mouth.
    If he speaks well of it, this could mean a big move in my career

    If you want?

    Panel #4
    Maybe if you pay your rent on time or you don’t drag your pants down with lowly men.

    WHOO! That’s a low shot waffles! I work hard to succeed in making the tips and paying the rent.
    I did not choose an easy career like cooking.

    Last Panel:
    I’m sorry! I didn’t want to steal all those bad guys.

    I know this devastates you too. I didn’t want anyone to argue.
    Go for this. You can tell him that you made breakfast.
    I don’t want to argue either. I never want to hurt you again.

    Go and conquer the heart of this beautiful nerd.

    I love you.

    I hope I got that right…Again, been awhile since I spoke French.

    Also, is it ironic or intentional that the breakfast is a massive sausage with butter on it? Just saying.
    As for the last panel…
    Yeah, that’s it. Now rub her head…Now kiss her. XD #FamilyGuy

    • neksuscat .

      Thank you so much for the translation! X”D <3

    • Avencri

      You got some errors here and there and one part is actually wrong. But you got the gist of it for the most part. XD

    • Regulos14

      Thanks for translating! 😀

    • Shadowkey392

      …I feel like the comic’s dialogue just went slightly anime on us now…

  • Brett

    Wait I’m sorry is she imagining them speaking French or they were beforehand?

    • Avencri

      They are speaking french between each other to have a “private” conversation.

  • neksuscat .

    Oh god, that page leaks with so much soap of melodramatic TV serials. XD
    I love it, so adorkable! :”D
    Wonderful work on this page, totally worth the wait.
    And Happy Upcomming Purrsday to you! ^w^ <3
    Wish you pawsome fun time with your friends andor family. :3

    • Avencri

      Thanks in advance!

  • A A A

    As a french person i would say that cette Bd est beaucoup trop bien bordel de putain de merde.
    Also the translation is truly on point very nice work !

    Never forget the “Fils de la mère pute” from Pierre.

    • Avencri

      There is a reason i never asked that person to translate again. XD

  • Floflo

    The French is perfect (I can tell cuz’ I’m French), and the page is funny.
    Good job!

    • Avencri

      I am glad to hear! =D

      • atom

        First of all: I love this comic. Is it a real pleasure to read, and read it again ^^. Thank you so much for your work Avencri:-}.

        It is possible there are three mistakes in the French text:
        -“Chef Coq” is not used in French, except for a chef on a boat. It might not be what you wanted to express here.
        -“joindre les bouts”, the correct expression is “joindre les deux bouts”
        -“carrière facile comme cuisiner”, it should be “carrière facile comme cuisinier”. “Cuisiner” is the verb, the action, and thus not the career.

        Apart from those three minor points, it was surprisingly correct: it took me some time to realise I was not reading English ^^.

        • Avencri

          I do have a question. Are you in France or Canada?

          The person that helped me is from Canada and someone else commented that this was “incorrect” quebecois french.

          Mostly out of curiosity here. ^^

          • atom

            I am from France, thus I only know metropolitan French. It could be correct in another French dialect, and I would never know ^^. For example “Chef Coq” could be used in Canada. However, for the two other points, I believe it was just typos.

  • NixieSeal

    Oh man, that was adorable XD My French is pretty rusty and severely lacking in vocabulary, but I got the gist of it, and I just love these two. XD

    • Avencri

      Haha, i am glad to hear that. XD

  • Mauricio José Osuna

    So I took to manually translate it. Boy was it fun to learn a bit of French while translating to English being Brazilian!
    *pulls out mrworldwide.png*

  • Shadowkey392

    Nice artwork. Now please excuse me while I go find my dictionary so I can figure out what the hell they’re saying.

    • Chuck

      Scroll down. MrAMP posted a translation.

      • Shadowkey392

        Oh. Thank you.

  • TheRebelLion96

    Did anybody catch that?

  • Aaron .Reyes

    Would really like to know what was supposed to be said