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Like A Married Couple

Like A Married Couple published on
Hello everyone!
Well, it seems that i broke Mayte’s nose again. I hope this is not a running gag, poor girl. Also, this is page 200!!! This is a milestone i guess, took me a while. College, job hunting and 4 different jobs but here i am. XD
Ok, things happening lately. I got my car back after the crash. Looks as good as new, i am very impressed. Took a while to sort out the insurance issues, turns out the appreciator that went to check the crash on my behalf left out a lot of important information that i needed for the garage. That was kind of shitty.
I went to the doctor after i finished the treatment i had to see what is the issue with my spine. Turns out he gave me a different medicine for another month. Ok, i’ll handle it. Turns out the new medicine is expensive as hell, 70 dollars for 20 pills. And i need to take one daily for a whole month. X_X
I also ended up buying a new mattress due to my back issues. I had no idea they were so expensive but the one i got really works wonders for me. Between the back pains and my constant insomnia spells i have a lot of trouble actually getting rest and sleep. So far it seems to be working wonders so i am very happy about that.
Boy have i been busy this month. So much that i am behind schedule of a lot of things and i need to post the second comic page for June in this same week. I am gonna have some VERY busy days this week. Probably will not get to enjoy my birthday tomorrow comfortably. -_-
I am also a bit afraid for the family dog. It is a 14 year old chihuahua. He lost all his teeth on the jaw except for one of the big fangs on it that is now currently lose. Poor guy looks like an off brand boar. His back is also slowly curving into a hump so he looks like a shrimp. I am worried because he seems to be tired but oh god, if there is food involved he becomes a little warrior that cares not about anything and suddenly turns jovial. I am at a loss with that.
Anyways, thanks for reading. See you all with a new page later this week!