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Stronger Than You Think

Stronger Than You Think published on 1 Comment on Stronger Than You Think

Well… Ramalach just showed some of his true colors and Ron was not amused.

I do have news regarding my Patreon though. Starting on the second week of October i am going to be doing an overhaul on some of the pledge tiers and a couple of milestones. Mostly because the original set of tiers were created during the time i had a job at the newspaper and my situation has changed ever since i became a freelancer so i need to adapt my prices. I hope you all understand.

Be sure to check the announcement at my Patreon page.


Remember, these changes won’t happen until the second week of october. So be sure to edit your pledges accordingly for when the time comes. And thanks again for the support!

Thanks again for reading the comic! ^^

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