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The Business Card

The Business Card published on
Hey guys… i want to apologize for the lack of communication these past 3 weeks. I have been dealing with a very important issue related to depression this time.  I am a lot better now. And i have started working on the patreon rewards i owe this week. I have been feeling a bit inadequate lately, i am a very awkward person and i have a lot of trouble starting a conversation with others, even if i want to. At times it is even hard for me to start a conversation with people i have been friends with for years. I am very aghast when i see friends just being able to randomly talk to other artists with no issue and all of them responding easily. When i try to get in touch with other artists i admire, most of the time i get no response. It leaves me wondering if i am doing anything wrong, or if am not “good enough”. i honestly don’t know. I am aware i overthink things all the time and i am way too hard on myself. It just leaves me wondering. I just wish it was easier for me to just be more social and extroverted. Anyways, as i said, i am doing way better than the previous weeks of this month. I just feel like… writing about how i feel i guess. Most of my friends in real life left the country so i feel like i don’t really have anyone else to talk to about my thoughts. Kinda makes me wonder if i should do the same. Then again i feel i got no real life skills to actually get a job at this point, other than work on a webcomic. Thanks for the support, and i apologize for the delays.  Things have been hard on a mental level over here.