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The Magic Murder Bag

The Magic Murder Bag published on No Comments on The Magic Murder Bag

Hello everyone!

Well… last week was weird.

So… last tuesday i went to my local supermarket to get some food. I forgot that tuesdays are cheap produce days. So the whole place was swarmed by senior citizens stocking up on goods. So i now stand in line with the cashiers. I realize that this days, the packing people are also all senior citizens and i only brought my debit card so i had no change to give them. So after quite some time waiting for a couple of penny pinching clients arguing over the price of avocados with the cashier, im next in line.

So, i used my debit card to pay and the cashier asks if i want to withdraw extra funds in cash (kind of like an ATM). So i had to pay around 160 pesos and asked the cashier to round up to 200 so i could have change to give to the old man packaging the goods. As soon as i say that, the awfully nice old lady that was behind me in line exclaims outloud about how amazing it is that i am donating that much to charity by rounding up. Starts talking out loud about how few people do that and goes to even say that i should meet her granddaughter that is single since i am so obviously such a chartitative man… I am there all dumbfounded with no clue.

So i took my change from the cashier, gave some of it to the old man bagging my stuff and ran home before this old lady realized i was not donating to charity… I honestly don’t know what to think of this, it was a weird situation and i am so bashful. I only wanted some  spare change. I do wonder if her grandaughter was as delighfully nice as the old lady was. ^^U

Anyways… i got home, had my chicken. And got food poisoning that left me really weak  for 4 days straight which caused me to be late on comission work and other stuff. It had been some time since i had that problem and it is really horrible since i am prone to stomach problems.

Anyways, thanks for reading this silly story i wanted to share, i don’t know why but i find it really funny.

Best of luck everyone!

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