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The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker published on
Well i have been delayed with everything due to underestimating some personal chores and dues. I have also spent way more money in a single month on repairs and maintenance than i have done so on years.  Basically… i made some mistakes with the stuff that needed to be done. Speaking of stuff to be done, i am JUST now gonna be able to start the patreon rewards for last month. So i just ask patience to the people awaiting these,  just starting this week after i am done with the next page. I have also been having this huge pain on a molar all week. I made an appointment with the dentist last weekend. After percussion, proding, using cold and even xrays he was not able to find anything wrong with my teeth, no infections, no swelling, no dead roots. But i still got the pain, i am very baffled. Anyways,  here is the new page. Jane’s getup was designed by my friend Hiorou who makes the webcomic Eorah.