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  • ProjectWarSword

    Once again, the universe has shifted.. Better call the Doctor..

    • Mr. Al

      Doctor who?

      • Spanky


        • Mr. Al


    • Leito


  • Dis

    Hello Mastergodai. I would say this was an impressive joke if I was fooled. Nicely done page by the way, even if all this effort was wasted in vain.

  • MaveriKat


  • william

    funny update, here. although i think reiko just made a lateral character movement here where she’s placed, it kinda seems she would do what she’s doin’ now regardless of the character she’s replacing. can you translate what she said, i’m curious.

  • Ratz


  • Draffle

    These april fools comics are the funniest ones i have seen so far. and it seems like the artists is having fun making stuff perverted. i approvez.

  • CyberSkull

    Release the hounds!

  • dcreeperfarm0

    Everyone is going to die soon because im dividing by zero now. Sorry, consequences of breaking the fourth wall

  • The Bees Fairy

    Dude Pleease make Reiko speak English
    The Bees Fairy

    • The Bees Fairy

      just realised the poss april fools *Facepalm*

    • Resulli

      Why should she speak English? Mayte doesn’t speak English and she’s the April Fool’s placeholder for Mayte.

  • william

    not to complain about the rate at which this comic updates, but with as often as it does does that mean that this april fools update will be up for a while? hopefully it won’t be up till april fools of next year.

  • Kor3986

    NO! Stop! Do not open the gates to heaven, what lies beyond was not meant for our mortal eyes

  • Steve

    “Suffer mortal!” Ahahahaha!

  • Katboxer12

    NO!! NOT QUICK!! D: